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Well pre season training should be well under way. The festivities have come to a close, the holidays are over and summer has sadly come to end. School is back for another year, work has commenced and you can feel another season of Football and Netball just around the corner. 


What we therapist’s here at DSTT want to ensure, is that your body is in it best physical shape to get back into another year of playing at your fullest potential. The key is to now gradually get those muscles and bones limber again, as we prep our bodies for another year of netball/football. This is where the importance of stretching and massage plays a vital role in your body restoration. Jump back on the band wagon and start allowing yourself time for getting your body back into it’s best shape. 



Stretching is oh so important to adapt into your everyday lifestyle as much as you can. This could mean attending a yoga class or just doing your basic free of cost warm ups before sports training. Stretching loosens tight muscles which helps them both relax and increase blood flow. It also encourages the release of endorphins, providing a sense of tranquility and euphoria. Ooo I feel at ease already just thinking about it!

Here are some easy stretches you can do at any time, anywhere: 

  • Hip flexors Lower yourself onto one knee, as if you’re going to propose. Lean slightly forward onto the front leg as you tighten your stomach and buttock muscles and tuck your hips under. You should feel the stretch along the top of the thigh in back. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Chest muscles (pectorals) Stand in a doorway with one arm up, your elbow at shoulder height and your hand at head height. Rest your forearm on the door frame and rotate away from the door. You’ll feel a stretch across your chest and shoulder. Switch arms.
  • Back (latissimus dorsi)Kneel in front of a chair. Extend your arms to the sides of the chair and pull back gently without moving your arms. You’ll feel the stretch across your back.

As well as this, booking in for a weekly massage can’t hurt either. Especially those suffering with deep tissue scaring or long term injuries and pain. This will automatically relieve muscle tension, circulate more blood flow and even help aid in a better night sleep. It’s a win win!  

As we come closer to pre-season training, the urge and importance of doing things as discussed above can only have positive impacts in the long run and keep you away from any unwanted injuries. We often find that people prolong treating their injuries as they feel it to be a minor worry at the time. But we therapists can’t stress enough the importance of treating the issue right away before it gets any worse. Sometimes if you leave it unattended too long, it can be too late and put you out of action for longer than you want. Please don’t let this be you. 


Your body is your temple to look after, you only get one of it so don’t mistreat it. It’s not worth the repercussions and hours spent repairing it back to it’s original state. This is something you may never get it back to, So take the pre cautions and do what needs to be done. Stretch and look after those limbs and reap the benefits of hopefully a successful and healthy year on the court/ground with maybe a few wins up your sleeve.  

Let us help- we are here to offer easy assistance and treat those sore aching muscles and injuries.  

Call Liz and the team here:   0438 282 407

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