It started off as a bit of fun, and ended up with my whole family involved.
After losing the final baby weight after 4 children, I was looking for a challenge with my fitness.
I had never done any individual competitive sports before, and knew that I needed a challenge that had loads of variety.
Obstacle course racing was on the rise with popularity in the media. Miss Muddies, Tough Mudders, and The Spartan Series just a few names out of many.
It was all very over whelming. How was a going to be able to do something like this?
Well as all good things start, I started with a few smaller, giggle challenges. Involving a few good girlfriends.
It wasn’t long before I realized I had a competitive streak in me and wanted more.
More of a personal goal. To see what I was made off.
So I nervously signed up for my first Spartan Race. A Grueling 7 km race with 20 + obstacles, including water crossings and lots of variety.
So I saddled up with a like minded trainer, who pushed me beyond what I thought physically possible.
3 years later, my Trainer Mark and I are still competing, and loving it. 7 Km’s is a walk in the park now compared to a 21km Beast race. Or Trifecta weekends, which are 14,7 and 21 Km’s in 2 days.
My gorgeous family has now joined the Spartan Family. The kids do the 2km or 4km kids race. With Lots of mud and kid sized Obstacles. They receive a finishers Tshirt, and Medal.
They are in ore of the Athletes they see at these events, and even choose healthier options in there lives. Those elite athletes give the kids so much encouragement and support.
My Husband Josh had always been very supportive of my competitions. And was a happy jumper holder, children watcher.
But he has caught the ” Bug” now. He recently completed a combo event of a 14km backed up with a 7km race and loved it.
So now we have a Spartan Family, also with GrandParents in tow as our support crew.
We love the bond it has given us.
We love that we can do it all together as a healthy, fit Family.
And most of all ” We love the MUD”.
Get out there and have a crack at something new!!

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