Ooo love is well and truely in the air this February 14th! 


Florists are full to the brim with perfectly pruned red roses, supermarket shelves are stocked with the tastiest assorted chocolates and lastly, all the loved up, smitten girlfriends and wives seem to have a little bit more of a spring in their step as they fantasise about the monstrous bouquet that will be awaiting them when they arrive at their office.  


Ahh it’s all so mushy and cutesie this old Valentine’s day thang isn’t it? But what’s your spin on it all? It is just an over commercialised day business owners use to make a little more more money? And hang on, shouldn’t it be every day that you should be showering your spouses with unconditional love and affection? …We think so but hey that’s just one of many opinions.  


Valentine’s day seems to be a novelty when love is fresh, new and still in the ‘butterflies in the stomach’, honeymoon phase, I suppose you could say. Those magical young lovers seem to relish it for all it’s worth, posting images of each other in adorration and showing off their presents all over social media. Woo-ing their ladies to a fancy dinner or gold class movie experience is all so romantic but what about the single ladies who don’t have these partner privileges?  

Well ladies, we’ve got you! I recently read a quote about it being “GALENTINES DAY”, meaning it’s all about the gals! You treating you because before anyone else, YOU should be the most important person in your life and I’m here to reiterate that until it sinks in. Gals or Boys, single or taken, we give you permission to un-apologetically focus on, yep you guessed it, that three letter word again…..YOU!  




Forget fussing over a crush, partner or hubby. Sure, by all means, lap up the benefits and fun that comes with Valentines day but also as the new women empowered generation floods through, we want you to get right around you, cos well- you are pretty loveable too!  

Go ahead, join in the fun! But instead of spending all your hard earned cash on your lover who may or may not appreciate it, You get the choice of saving it or spending these dollars on something for you. And that’s a win itself! 

Take yourself out for eggs benny or a heavenly pamper session involving nails, a facial and de stressing massage. Buy yourself that little red dress you would wear to a date because who knows, you may need it soon with all this self assuring you’re set to be doing. Nothing is more attractive than a confident girl who doesn’t need a man or a Valentines day to define her and can look after herself first.  

Boys who play intense sports, why not grab your best mate and wind down with a relaxation massage of choice suited to your workload and body needs. The great thing about this is, we have our Valentines day packages modelled around every TYPE of hard working lad or lady. Whether that be multi tasking Mothers/Fathers, corporate business owners or people with a little more time to relax and take time out. A perfect option for the last minute men who don’t know what to get their lovelies and a great option for you to treat yourself and restore your muscles and body too.  



We here at DSTT want to give Men and Women both the option to spoil your loved ones as well as yourself. Single Men, if a back rub where you can kick up your tradie boots and forget about the one who may have gotten away is what you need, come see us! Ladies, the word massage should be enough to get you through the door without twisting your arm too much..Am I right? 

Single or taken -Valentines day is a day to remember how important our loved ones are, sure, but it’s constantly brought to our attention that YOU yourself should be numero uno. Besides the stigma centred around the day, we urge you to look after yourself first and foremost because I reckon your big heart has enough room in there to love yourself too 😉 


Book a session with our team here at: WWW.DISTINCTSTT.COM.AU or call us on 0438 282 407 



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