Thi11737800_10207006860429993_3794138447461988477_ns is the word I kept hearing, prior to and post our recent family holiday. I had even used it, pre-empting the thought of four young children (and hubby) in a caravan for five whole weeks. Travelling the long, somewhat barren road to Darwin from cold old Victoria.

However, since deciding four children was the perfect number for us, I have endeavoured to never let anything beat me. (Just ask me about our 10th wedding anniversary family holiday to Fiji in April)

Survival mode was initiated!

The outcome from this slightly scary trip was a real appreciation for the four gorgeous little people in my life. To spend 24/7 with them and my oh-so-patient hubby was a very special time for me.

I felt I bonded so much more with my little people. And taught them things that school cannot.

Just taking time out away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is what most families need. And what most children hunger for.

11667446_10206911665890189_5150963849518224471_nYes, I was super organised which helped with the daily dynamics. But the whole “Just get out there and do it” attitude was what made this trip so memorable.


  • Be SUPER organised so there is no chance of boredom.
  • Bake goodies that will keep in a portable freezer or air-tight containers.
  • Purchase exciting new little nick knacks, and loads of books.
  • Research games to play in the car, and caravan.
  • And If in doubt just wing it with distraction tactics.

Yes this is sadly how my Mumma brain works.

So “CRAZY” yes. We are!

You’re “CRAZY”, if you don’t enjoy your life. And make “forever” memories with your family.

You’re “CRAZY”, if you don’t stop and smell the roses (Or dingo poo).

You’re “CRAZY”, if you can’t find that work-life balance.

You’re a long time dead, so make the most of “now”, and have a crack.

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