Liz’s DO’S & DON’TS to being a “SAVVY REALIST”

It intrigues me as to why so many new people, patients and even friends think that Im some kind of Palio, Organic everything, Clean eating, Naturalist? Mind you, I have tried all these ways to live and can see all the benefits of them all.
But then “Reality” sets in with a busy family of 4 young children and a country born husband-meat and 4 veg kinda man.
Life is all about CHOICES.
Choice for our family was finding healthier alternatives to our eating. That is realistic within our lives.
Having all the balanced things. Like Red and white meats. Rainbows of coloured vegies and fruits. Full fat Dairy, Eggs,Low GI carbs and all foods being as Natural as your budget can allow.
Also staying well away from artificial colours, flavours and processed foods.
There are so many cooking reality shows now on TV. It gives the basic cook knowledge how to become an Amazing Chef.
We all need to learn how to cook and bake from scratch. Then we will know exactly what goes into the food our family is consuming.It helps to keep you organised with a monthly menu.
I firstly work out which nights I might have less time to cook dinner, due to working late or children’s commitments. So these nights became either leftovers or quicker meals.
Planning your monthly menu, will also help you stay on budget.
Our family grocery bill is around $250 per week. And we are more than happy to shop at places like Aldis.
I have worked out we save around $100 per week by shopping here.
I love that all their food is free from preservatives and artificial nasties. And most things are from Australia.
We then shop once a month at our local Health food shop and Woolworths. To obtain the last few goodies in bulk- again saving $$$.
I find shopping once a week works best for us. Especially with staying on Budget. And very occasionally we get take a ways. Either a top quality pizza or Thai food.
Again CHOICE is Important here.
I do eat chocolate, drink coffee and drink alcohol.
My CHOICE is Dark chocolate- occasionally as a treat after dinner. Dark Chocolate is full of anti oxidants and is lower in sugar to milk or white chocolate.
A good quality home made coffee in the morning, gets me going and lasting for the whole day.
And lastly alcohol. I love Pure Blonde low carb, low sugar Cider.
These are my little TREATS or Occasional foods.
I have a high metabolism. So I find eating small regular meals works best to maintain my blood sugar. Otherwise I get the “Hangries”( hungry-angries).
So I choose to eat low GI foods, to try to fill me up for longer.
Brown rice porridge with fruit for breakfast.
Brown rice, kale salad with seeds, tuna/chicken and 2x poached eggs for lunch.
Meat, rainbow vegetables, sweet potatoes for dinner.
This is my base type menu.

Life is all about balance and choices.

Only you have control of what goes into your mouth.

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