Shin splints 101!  

Shin splints 101!     Shin Splints? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!     Shin splints commonly occur in those that participate in running sports or those who have just increased their training programs or changed their training routine.     Before … Read More


  GET BENDY AND LIMBER UP:   TOPIC TOUCHING ON PRE TRAINING INJURY PREVENTION     Well pre season training should be well under way. The festivities have come to a close, the holidays are over and summer has sadly come to end. School … Read More


   ALRIGHT MUMS, TIME FOR SOME REAL TALK!    You may be exceeding at mother of the year so far, Which means running around packing school lunches, contacting books and getting your wee tackers prepared for another year of schooling. But stop … Read More

Hello 2018!

How many of you, have set New Year’s Resolutions and actually stuck to them?   If you have, well done!! You’re already doing better than me! For those of you who haven’t. I have some good news for you! Don’t … Read More

Tendonitis and Tendonosis

Tendonitis and Tendinosis Do you often find yourself moving the same limbs over and over for your occupation or sporting activities? Do you then find your affected area becoming stiff or painful? If you have answered yes to both of … Read More

Liz’s DO’S & DON’TS to being a SAVVY REALIST

Liz’s DO’S & DON’TS to being a “SAVVY REALIST” It intrigues me as to why so many new people, patients and even friends think that Im some kind of Palio, Organic everything, Clean eating, Naturalist? Mind you, I have tried … Read More


I am SPARTAN It started off as a bit of fun, and ended up with my whole family involved. After losing the final baby weight after 4 children, I was looking for a challenge with my fitness. I had never … Read More