You may be exceeding at mother of the year so far, Which means running around packing school lunches, contacting books and getting your wee tackers prepared for another year of schooling. But stop for a minute and tell me, are YOU yourself mentally, emotionally and physically in your best health for another year of life’s challenges AND are you allowing your self time for some much needed R and R?If not, let me help! Your little loves are back in a safe classroom, stimulating and expanding their curious and eager minds, which means you can take a few hours before end of school pick up to have some time for you!
Take a nap, take a yoga class, get your nails done or have a massage. Remember your health is just as important as your precious children’s is and one hour out of your day to wind down and nurture your body could be just what you need.
If being stuck in a cluttered gym isn’t your thing, rejuvenate your body and free up your lungs with fresh air and feel it work wonders for your mindset. Any form of exercise sets off those endorphins, instantly making you feel happier and instantly allowing you to feel better about yourself, ultimately giving you more energy to spend with your kids after school is out. Studies show that the aroma of fresh air bust’s stress and calms you. Science also shows that you really should stop and smell the roses, as the smell of them promotes relaxation. Other flowers like lavender and jasmine can also lower anxiety and up your mood. So hell, go treat yourself and buy yourself the biggest bouquet of flowers you can find.
Kicking up the feet with some pampering isn’t the worst idea we’ve ever had either. Relaxing massages are great for sending you to the ultimate land of zen but if your body is aching with tension, stress and feeling lethargic, we advise you listen to it and indulge in a deep tissue yet therapeutic massage to relieve all that unwanted body ache and pain you may not even be aware is happening.  This is like recreational medicine for you and as a mother, wife, friend, work colleague and human being- this is highly encouraged in your busy life. Make time for yourself as it is so important.
Drink water and plenty of it. Stay hydrated and stay healthy. Eat well for your sake and for your kids sake. If you can, stick to lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. These foods are low in calories and contain nutrients that help you build muscle and promote healthy digestion.
All of these things are extremely important but remember being a busy mother of school kids, maintaining a job, income, healthy lifestyle and constant workout routine can all get a little much sometimes so remember to listen to your body and it’s needs.  If you need a massage a week to de stress, do so. If you need a coffee and cake date with your best friend to vent about life, go for it. Movie dates, dinner dates, anything that’s good for the soul, we recommend highly. All in moderation.
If this is the cry for help you are after and you would like to know more, get in touch with us. Let’s chill out for a second. You’re a mother, you’re doing great and you deserve to relax every once in a while!

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