Shin splints 101!  


Shin Splints? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!  


Shin splints commonly occur in those that participate in running sports or those who have just increased their training programs or changed their training routine.  


Before we get into too much information I want to flag something VERY important with you! Having shin splints doesn’t mean you have to stop what you are doing forever!  


Shin splints are VERY treatable! In fact, massage is one of the best treatment plans for them, but we will come back to that later. I should add though, lucky you are in the right place reading this to deal with your shin splint NOW! Click the BOOK NOW button up the top for a treatment at Distinct Soft Tissue Therapy!  


What are shin splints?  


The name shin splints is used to describe the pain felt along the shin bone in your lower leg. Did you know there are two places shin splints can occur? Take a look at the picture to see these areas.  











Posterior shin splints: These shin splints are felt along the inside part of the shinbone.  

Anterior shin splints:  These shin splints are located at the front of your shinbone.  


By this stage you will want to know what is causing these painful shin splints, right? Keep reading! Or take a quick break and click ‘BOOK NOW’ for that much needed treatment.  


What causes shin splints?  


The most common cause of shin splints is overstraining of your muscles where they attach to your shin. Lets investigate some ways in which this can happen.  

  1. The posture of your feet  
  1. YOUR footwear – Our feet take a lot in our everyday lives! Make sure you take care of them!  
  1. Increasing your training too quickly. Maybe try and ease into a new training program  
  1. Running on very hard surfaces  
  1. Tight calf and hamstring muscles. Good News…… A MASSAGE to help you with your shin splints also treats your calf muscles! 2 for 1? I think YES!  


Let’s now investigate what does a shin splint feel like?  

Trust me when I say YOU do not want shin splints! If you suspect that you might have them though do something about them NOW! DON’T let them get worse!  


Symptoms of shin splints………  

  1. A dull ache near the shin bone in either of the 2 areas in the picture above  
  1. The area that is of concern may also be sore to touch  

This can happen in four stages…….  

  1. Your pain may disappear once you have warmed up  
  1. Your pain may disappear once you have warmed up but then come back when you are finished the activity  
  1. Your pain may become worse during the activity  
  1. Your are in pain all of the time  


Oh, I should mention, the BOOK NOW button is just up in the corner! Why not give that a click and book a massage today. Lets get rid of those shin splints!  


What can you do to help your shin splints?  


  1. Get a MASSAGE!  
  1. Rest  
  1. Ice – applying ice to the area will reduce the swelling and pain  
  1. Wear supportive footwear  
  1. Stretches – YES that word that people hear and say I really should STRETCH! Well now is your time! Take a look below at some stretches for your shin splints!  
  1. Run on surfaces that are a bit more forgiving (DON’T stop running all together!)  
  1. Strengthen YOUR muscles around your shin, DON’T forget the ones at the back like your calf muscle  
  1. Slightly alter your training session to aid recovery – YOU don’t want shin splints again right?  


So I hope by now you are thinking YES I can fix my shin splints and do things to prevent them!! Remember Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!  


Stretches! Get around them! We at DSTT Don’t just tell you to do stretches for the hell of it, we promise! They work, we just need to stick at them!  

I am going to give you a couple of quick stretches to do for your shin splints, but to get the most out of them click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button and include a massage!  


Calf stretch 


Place one leg flat on the ground in front of the other, making sure the other foot is flat on the ground. Lean gently into a wall until you feel a stretch in your calf. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds, relax, take the stretch a little deeper and hold for another 20 seconds. Don’t forget the other side!  








This picture has done most of the work for me in describing this how to do the stretch [Symbol] Most important things to remember is that both knees need to be bent and your feet need to be flat on the floor. 




Both stretches need to be held for 20 seconds, relax, take the stretch a little deeper and hold for another 20 seconds. Don’t forget the other side! 


So I am pretty confident by now that you know a little bit more about shin splints! Remember it’s not too late to click that ‘BOOK NOW’ button and get a treatment today!  

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic!  

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